Chairman of RotaCare

Kent Hargrave

Kent Hargrave is a veteran of healthcare operations and technology, having worked on both the vendor and provider side of healthcare delivery. Originally trained as an economist and statistician, he recognized early the strategic potential of information and technology to improve the delivery and quality of patient care. He has been able to advance the utilization and usability of clinical systems.
Mr. Hargrave is also a serial entrepreneur, having launched three successful companies. He also holds patents covering 38 messaging technologies for secure delivery of clinical data. During his statistical analysis life he designed a new calculation to take advantage of incremental improvements on the learning curve used by the US Navy’s MIL-STD-1552 and MIL-STD-1338 standards. The new calculation supported Rockwell International in being awarded a multi-million-dollar contract.
As a CIO, he deployed many new technologies at his hospitals. Overlake Hospital was the first hospital to open up an Internet connection for all patients and families. Overlake partnered with Airespace to deployed new wireless technology that allowed the physicians and nurses to stay connected to a legacy Green Screen application while moving freely around the hospital. Stevens worked closely with remote management software to allow legacy applications to be deployed for the first time through their technology. Stevens was the first hospital to deploy Share Point Server across the enterprise.
Mr. Hargrave has 35 years of information technology experience, 25 of those years spent in healthcare. Other healthcare experience includes Senior Healthcare Technology Consultant with Milliman and Robertson, and Clinical Director of Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, and Rheumatology at Virginia Mason Medical Center.

He is a published author in the areas of efficient laparoscopic surgical practices, surgical outcomes, using clinical data to sway practice, and wireless technologies. As an educator he created the networking technologies programs at both North Seattle Community College and Edmonds Community College.